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Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Episode 1, Cast, Promo, Release Date and Timing

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan: Channel Big Magic TV is all ready to air its new show, “Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan”. This show is actually the new version or we can say new season of, ”Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan’‘. This is brand new and show story is best according to trailer of this show. Below we have mentioned more information of Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan.

The new show is all slated to air on December 5, 2016, in swift move of days from Monday to Friday, at 7:30pm.

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Story/Plot.

This stereotypical plot of Phir Yeh’ Nadaniyaan with one family will take over the senses of humor and will introduce a fusion of traditional and cultural changes in cities Delhi to Mumbai and what changes are situational, how will everything took place in the life of four characters is the main theme.

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Episode 1, Cast, Promo, Release Date and Timing

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The elder son Nandu is typical momma’s boy and her favorite son, he is playing a role of writer and is too much innocent and honest in nature, meanwhile also the funny character. Daughter-in-law Chandu is quite a cute character in the show, dominating nature with husband and lady in the fight with sweet-sour moods with her mother-in-law. She is leading with typical bahu quality of binding a family in one. Pappu is the main lead portray of Tarawanti’s younger son quite naughty, funny, little cunning and manipulative and easily make fool to take advantage do nothing but want to be a Bollywood actor.

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Cast.

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Episode 1, Cast, Promo, Release Date and Timing

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The story of this new sequel of Uff Yeh Nadaniyaan, that is Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan will move around four lead characters and the situations of their life they face. The lead portrays are mother-in-law Tarawanti (Upasana Singh), her two sons Nandu and Pappu and her one daughter-in-law Chandu.

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Release Date and Timing.

Well, the new show is all ready to launch on Big Magic TV Channel and the channel has already revealed the airing date 5th December 2016. The genre of the show is dramatic-comedy will broadcast officially from Monday to Friday and Weekends off on 7:30 pm sharp. Stay tuned with us for more updates of Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan.

Phir Yeh Nadaniyaan Episode 1.

The Episode 1 will update. When it will air on.

Serial promo is out officially by the channel and show makers.

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